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  1. For any change to the Hotel Name, please apply for a Change of Name on the LicenceOne Portal at Please note that the hotel shall not change the name of the hotel without prior written approval of the Board. ​

Submission of Application

  1. Application for Change of Hotel Name is to be submitted online through the LicenceOne Portal at
  2. Please submit all the following documents as attachments together with the online application.  
    • ACRA business profile of the hotel name (if applicable)  
    • Copy of the advertisements in the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. Section 9 of the Hotels Licensing Regulations requires the applicant to advertise within  fourteen (14) days from the date of the online application. The advertisement must be in the format of a Notice. The application will be processed if there are no objections from the public within fourteen (14) days of the advertisement date. ​

Approval Process

  1. The application will be processed if there are no objections from the public within fourteen(14) days of the advertisement date.
  2. Processing of the application will take a minimum of two weeks.
  3. You will be informed via SMS and/or e-mail if your application has been approved. Payment can then be made online via the LicenceOne Portal at Fees for the Certificate of Registration must be paid via the LicenceOne Portal before they can be issued. If the payment is not paid within one month, the application will lapse and the applicant will need to submit a new application. 
  4. After payment has been made, the Board will contact you regarding the collection of the Certificate of Registration and Hotel-keeper's Licence (note: the Hotel-keeper's Licence is re-issued as it bears the hotel name). 
  5. The Hotels Licensing Board reserves the right to prescribe additional conditions or waive existing conditions for any application for a Certificate of Registration and/or a Hotel-keeper's Licence.  ​

Fees Paya​​​ble

  1. The change of hotel name fee payable is as follows:
(i) hotel with 100 rooms and less$200
(ii) hotel with 101-299 rooms$300
(iii) hotel with 300 or more rooms$400


For M​ore Inf​ormation

  1. The step-by-step guide to guide you through the submission of the application for an change of Hotel Name can be downloaded here​.
  2. For further clarification, please email [email protected] or call telephone no. 6736 6622.