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  1. Exemptions only apply to the category of accommodation as prescribed under Section 41 of the Hotels Licensing Regulations:

    Section 41 – Exemptions
    The following classes of premises are exempted from the provisions of the Act and these Regulations:
    • student hostels approved by the Board; and
    • residential clubs and other institutions approved by the Board

Submission of Applications

  1. Application for exemption has to be made by completing and submitting the Exemption Form which can be found under templates and forms​.​ 
  2. Applicants are to submit the documents and information set out below :
    • Application form for Exemption under the Hotels Act & Regulations
    • Grant of Written Permission from Urban Redevelopment Authority
    • ACRA Business profile of entity
    • Temporary Fire Permit (TFP) / Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) 
  1. The Hotels Licensing Board may request for additional information in addition to those stated in item 3​.
  2. The application form and supporting documents can be  submitted by mail or email to :

    ​Hotels Licensing Board 
    Tourism Court
    Orchard Spring Lane
    Singapore 247729.

    Email: [email protected]

  1. If there are any changes in the applicant's or organisation's particulars after the submission of the application form, the Hotels Licensing Board must be informed in writing immediately.

Approval ​​Process

  1. ​We will inform you in writing if your application is approved.
  2. For further clarifications, please email [email protected] or call telephone no. 6736 6622.