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General Legal Information:

The HLB maintains this and other web-sites for the convenience of the public. By accessing and using the information and/or materials downloaded from this site or sites which are owned and/or operated by the HLB or its affiliates, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use, which may be updated and amended from time to time.​

In the event of any inconsistency in the general terms and conditions contained herein, and any specific terms or notices of the Hotels Licensing Board contained in any other of the Board's web-sites or web-page, the specific terms or notices contained therein shall prevail.


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Use of Copyrighted Materials and Logos

Governing Law

Terms of Purchase from Hotels Licensing Board

By your purchase of HLB's materials or any other materials offered by HLB through the internet or such similar media, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions herein relating to such sales and purchases.

You also agree that the general terms and conditions of HLB governing use of this and other web-sites maintained by HLB shall be applicable. In particular, the disclaimers and/or exclusion of liability clauses stated therein shall also apply.

HLB reserves the right to update and amend any and all of these terms from time to time.

The HLB reserves the right to vary the price of any of its materials or products sold by giving reasonable notice to the purchaser any time before delivery of the said product.

Payment may be effected by bank draft, telegraphic transfer, cheques, cashcard or any other form which HLB may expressly stipulate from time to time. The manner and time of payment will be expressly provided for by HLB for each particular material or product sold. In default thereof, payment by a local entity with a place of residence in Singapore shall be by way of cheque made out to the "Singapore Tourism Board", whereas payment by a non-local entity shall be by way of a Bank Draft or telegraphic transfer made out for the appropriate sum in Singapore Dollars.

In the event of any dispute involving payment, HLB shall have the right to demand that you provide documentary proof of payment, before rendering a decision on the matter. In the case of payments via the cashcard, you agree that HLB shall also have full access to any and all equipment, apparatus or software used by you in facilitating the cashcard transaction, and shall also have the right to demand that you provide documentary proof of payment, before rendering a decision on the matter.

Delivery of the materials or products purchased shall only be made after receipt of payment by HLB. Delivery of the materials or products purchased shall be made by the delivery of the physical item(s) at the address or place of residence stated in the order form. Where only the electronic or soft copy of the product or material is to be delivered, such delivery shall be made by the electronic transfer of the product or materials via the internet.

HLB shall not be liable to you or be in breach, by reason of any delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of HLB's obligations in relation to the materials or products, if the delay or failure to perform was due to any cause beyond HLB's reasonable control.

HLB reserves the right to refund to you the equivalent sum of money paid if it is, for any reason whatsoever, unable to deliver the materials requested for by you.

You shall fully indemnify and hold HLB harmless in the event that any claim is made against HLB by reason of and in relation to the use of the materials or products supplied by HLB to you.

The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980 to this contract is hereby expressly excluded.

By your purchase of the materials or products at the Hotels Licensing Board, you also agree to abide by the specific terms and conditions governing the use of the particular material or product.

Terms and Conditions for Use of Statistical or other Publications Purchased

Specific Terms and Conditions for Use of Material


Last reviewed/updated : 21 Feb 2017